Products I Love

Below are some of the products I personally use and recommend. I thought I'd add them here to make it easier for you as I get asked a lot about these.

*Please note that some of these links are affiliate links and I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. This does not affect the cost of your purchase. 

Equal Eats Dining Out Card

If you find it a struggle to eat out and explain your requirements, meet your new best friend. These cards are awesome for showing to your waitstaff to make sure your meal is Gluten Free. If you are travelling, you can also get copies printed in other languages. It makes life so much easier (and more enjoyable)


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Eco Essential Oils

I've tried many brands of Essential Oils and I absolutely love Eco as they are such excellent prices and they are an Australian company with a huge range.

I also love what they stand for and that they have wonderful ethics with our Environment.

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I have been using Usana Health Sciences Supplements since 2007 and completely trust their products and value the results that I have achieved from taking them.

Being a Certified Health Coach, it's important for me to take high quality products that are safe and 100% gluten free. 

You can take a free health assessment to discover which products are recommended to you here