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Take your Wellness into your own hands

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Many people cut out gluten but still continue to feel blah and experience symptoms similar to when they were still eating gluten.

Perhaps you are still suffering from bloating or fatigue and wonder if you're still consuming gluten. But what if it's from something else such as stress or other food intolerances.

These trackers have been designed to help you figure out what is going on with your body. They give you an easy way to truly "see" what is causing your problems.

After working with client after client and seeing what works for people to keep track of, I have included a simple, yet effective tracking sheet in these books. 

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I recommend keeping track of a number of areas including food intake, exercise, stress levels, menstrual cycle, symptoms etc. for at least a month so you can truly see where your issues are coming from.

Gaining an understanding of what works for your unique body and what doesn't can help you in feeling better, much faster as you'll know which foods or lifestyle factors you need to change.

Available in 3 designs, each book also has pages for notes, along with the tracking sheets.

  • Women's Tracker

  • Men's Tracker

  • Kids Tracker*

*Please note that I recommend a parent or caregiver fills out the kids tracker so that they are not obsessing over food etc. 

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