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11 Day Spring Detox Program

    • Do you feel bloated?
    • Have you gained weight that you cannot get rid of?
    • Do you have trouble sleeping or feel tired even after a good night’s sleep?
    • Does your head feel congested?
    • Do you feel cloudy in your thinking?
    • Do you experience heartburn, acid reflux, digestive upset, or have a tough time eliminating?
    • Do you get lower back pain or other aches and pains?
    • Do you have dark circles under your eyes or a puffy face?


    These are just some of the possible signs of toxicity and they affect the way we feel every single day.  Detoxing is important for everyone. Even if you eat “clean”, which means eating food in its most natural state, we all have some level of toxicity due to environmental factors.


    In addition to the foods we ingest, toxins can find their way into our bodies through household cleaners, makeup, perfume, shampoos and conditioners, plastic containers, pathogens and unwanted bacteria in food and soil, chemicals from the paint in your home and the carpet on your floor, and a host of environmental pollutants. The liver has to work really hard to process all these toxins.


    So we live, eat and breathe toxicity. But the good news is you are going to learn how to rid your body of the toxicity that’s slowing it down. This is a proven program that I have used with my clients to decrease their toxic load. It is my joy in life to watch people rid themselves of symptoms that have been plaguing them, sometimes for years.


    Some of the benefits you might experience include

    • Clear, radiant skin
    • Weight-loss and less bloating
    • Reduced cellulite
    • Fewer food cravings
    • Knowing your body and which foods are causing reactions
    • Learning which probiotics are right for your body and how to make cultured foods that support your digestion
    • Increased immunity
    • Improved hormonal balance
    • Better sleep
    • Tools for dealing with stress
    • Clear thinking and balanced moods
    • Stronger sex drive
    • Increased stamina and vitality
    • Say goodbye to counting calories or dwelling on fat. We are focusing here only on fueling your body with the right foods for you so that you can live your best possible life.


    Your Detox Program also includes support from me to guide you along your journey and answer your questions.


    I look forward to supporting you in feeling amazing.

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