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Low Waste Gift Ideas

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Last week I shared some gift ideas that don't take up space and are great for anyone that doesn't want extra clutter. Check it out here

This week I'm sharing some more gift ideas with you that are physical gifts but are low waste ideas and won't break the bank. This is not a huge list but just a few ideas to get you thinking.


A KeepCup is a great idea for anyone who buys takeaway coffee. This way they will have a reusable cup, helping them cut back on single use items. You can find one to suit everyone as there are so many colours and styles to choose from. A fantastic Australian designed and made product. But remember, only gift this if you think that the receiver will actually use it.

Homemade Goodies of almost any kind are a great gift. Once consumed, they don't take up space (only in their belly). If you aren't into making anything yourself, visit a local market and pick up some home made items such as jams or pickles. You'll be supporting a hobbyist or small bizz and get a high quality product. Or visit a bulk store and fill up some up-cycled jars with nuts or choccies. Also great for teachers gifts.

Small Potted Plant

You could plant a low maintenance plant yourself or buy one ready to go.

Plants are fantastic and are a gift that keeps on giving. My brother gave me a Bonsai one year that he grew and planted himself and it just keeps getting better with age. Such a fantastic present that I will have for years to come.

Homemade Body Products

There are endless amounts of recipes for homemade body products online. Just do a search for homemade bath bombs, soaps etc. to get some inspiration.

You can check out my Coffee Body Scrub recipe here. This makes a perfect pressie, costs next to nothing to make and is a great zero waste gift.

Small Business Home Made Items

I also believe in supporting small businesses such as people you will find at local markets etc. Often they make the most gorgeous, useful items at a great price. Not only are you supporting local, you are helping out a family when you buy from stall holders.

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