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Essential Items in my Celiac Kit

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

I don't know about you, but for me, I have essential items in my celiac toolkit that just have to go everywhere with me. It doesn't matter if I'm camping. It doesn't matter if I'm going on holiday somewhere or I'm sleeping over at someone's house. These go with me everywhere. All right . So these are my top four things that I'm sharing with you today, as far as my essential items .

This is the transcript from my Podcast, The Healthy Celiac Podcast. If you would prefer to listen, you can do so here.

So let's jump on into it. Something I've noticed with having celiac disease is I get major mouth ulcers, or you might call them canker sores. And it's something that I have struggled with when I get more run down and it is something that I've always struggled with since my diagnosis.

Number one I've heard from lots of people that that is one of their major symptoms when they were diagnosed with celiac disease. And , for me, it just seems like an ongoing thing. So if you get mouth ulcers or canker sores, it's really important to have something to help with those sores because they're painful. They make it hard to eat. They make it hard to drink. They make it hard to kiss. So we don't want to be struggling with them longer than we have to.

Now being a health coach, I have tried everything via the natural route. I have tried to put things on them, such as honey. I have tried coconut oil. I have tried bicarb soda and I have had no luck. And it wasn't until one day I was rummaging through our medicine cabinet and I was looking for something else that I came across this little magic bottle of what is called SM 33 here in Australia. I was like, how did I forget about this? This is the go-to product to put on my ulcers (canker sores). And since I've found that bottle again, it's my little lifesaver. So I just use it with a cotton bud and dab it on there. And it helps so much.

Now, if you're in America, please don't go out and buy SM 33 because I did do a little bit of research and I found that SM 33 in America is actually a muscle rub or something like that. It's something that you would not put in your mouth. So your version that you want to look out for the best mouth ulcer ointment that I've come across for you guys is actually a product called oragel . So look out for that instead. If you know of any particular products for where you are, so we've got listeners in 14 countries. Now, guys, this is insane. This blows my mind that in 14 countries, my podcast is out there. I don't have a product specific to each of you, but if you have a go-to product for mouth ulcers that you can let me know about and tell me which country you're from, please send me a DM on Instagram (or comment below). That would be so helpful.

Number two, digestive enzymes. Now digestive enzymes are absolutely fabulous to have in your toolkit. If you've been out for a meal and you feel a little uncomfortable afterwards, they help break down your food. So they can also be good if you're going out for a meal , and you take them beforehand. Now I'm not saying that they help with breaking down gluten completely, but if you do accidentally get glutened, they can support you a little bit in that.

Number three My next one is probiotics. Probiotics are amazing for gut health and for healing and just a daily supplement. The probiotics that I use are actually a powder and they come in a little stick pack and I buy them in particular because I don't like the idea of having to buy refrigerated probiotics because they make it a little bit harder for travel and camping. We go camping a lot. That's our thing. Since COVID, we can't travel overseas anymore and it's a bit harder to go interstate, but we travel locally in our camper trailer. And so, yeah, probiotics, I don't want to be worrying about popping them in an esky or a cooler or having to worry about them being the correct temperature. So looking for something that is shelf stable, I guess we can call it that, it doesn't have to be refrigerated is a fantastic option for probiotics.

Number four The last one is vitamins. I feel personally so much better since taking vitamin supplements. And I know then that my body is getting everything that it needs as far as all of the different vitamins and minerals, without having to stress that I'm getting enough from my diet. I do believe wholeheartedly in eating as healthy as possible. But then I also understand that our food is grown very differently to what it used to be even 50 years ago and the nutrients aren't in our food, as much as what they used to be. So vitamin supplements super important and make a big difference to energy levels for myself personally.

So they're my essential items in my celiac tool kit . If you have anything else that you'd like to add, and let me know about, then please send me a DMor drop a comment below, but just a super quick episode for you guys this week. And I will be back to talk with you again next week.

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