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Gift Ideas for People with Celiac Disease

Updated: Jul 6

With Christmas upon us, it's a perfect time to share some ideas that would be great presents for people with Celiac Disease.

Whether you have Celiac Disease yourself and need to give a loved one some hints or you're looking for a gluten free gift for someone else, I've got you covered.

Please note only 1 of these links is an affiliate link, I am sharing to support these wonderful businesses. If you make a purchase through any of these links, there will be no extra cost to you.

Gift Ideas for the Celiac Child

Gluten Free Kids Co

This wonderful business created by mother and teacher, Emily, offers inclusive products for children with Celiac Disease who may otherwise feel left out.

Check out their gorgeous affirmation cards or gluten free version of play dough - Squishdough.

Endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Head here to Shop.

Jack The Silly-Yak Book

Alexandra has written a beautiful picture book that makes a lovely gift for the young newly diagnosed Celiac child in your life.

Jack the Silly-Yak, finds fun ways to embrace his new Gluten Free lifestyle and get back to being his creative silly self.

Order your copy here.

Baking Kits from Little GF Chefs

Helping children with Celiac Disease find a love for cooking and baking starts at home and can be formed at a young age. Gift the gift of baking with a baking kit or baking kit subscription from Little GF Chefs. Learn more Here.

Gift Ideas for the Celiac Foodie

William James Gifts - Gluten Free Gift Baskets

Calli is the founder of William James Gifts and can put together a selection of delicious gluten free snacks, paired with a homewares gift of your choice and send to a loved one anywhere in the world.

These boxes would be a beautiful gift for anyone with celiac disease. Head on over and check them out here

Gift Ideas for the Loud and Proud Celiac

The Gluten Free Queen

The next one is from the Gluten Free Queen. Bec is a fellow Aussie and she does some absolutely gorgeous t-shirts and mugs. I ordered myself a t-shirt that's pink with celiac written on it, which I love.

Be sure to check her out. She's got an Etsy shop and she also does stickers so you can get stickers made up with gluten-free written on them, which are great for popping on your condiments and things like that as well. So be sure to go check out the Gluten Free Queen here.

The Gluten Free Closet

With a fun range of clothing and the gorgeous emergency snacks bags, there's a huge range of gift ideas to choose from here

Pair the emergency snacks bag with some tasty snacks for a gift for any age range.

Gift Ideas for the Wellness Warrior Celiac

Eco Modern Essentials

Eco Modern Essentials is my favorite brand of essential oils. They're an Australian company and their prices are phenomenal. One of their products that I love is called Digestive. It's a rollerball and perfect for an upset tummy. It helps ease bloating and cramping. A handy product for anyone with celiac disease.

There are many other oils to choose from and I highly recommend ginger and peppermint which are fantastic for digestive issues.

They have beautiful diffusers and different gifts as well.

You can find them here.

Gift Ideas for the Family who Like to Create

Gingerbread Folk

Gingerbread Folk are based in the Blue Mountains and have gorgeous Gingerbread Houses that are not only gluten free but vegan too. Such a cute gift to create special memories and feel included.

They also offer a range of other treats including lollies and chocolates and are endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Find their gluten free range here.

Gift Idea for the Newly Diagnosed or the Loves to Cook Celiac

Meal Plans Made Easy

Give the gift of ease with Meal Plans Made Easy.

Meal Plans Made Easy is my gluten free program.

It's one year's worth of meal plans with over 500 gluten free recipes.

It's designed to make anyone's life that has to cook gluten free super easy.

When people get their hands on it, they think, wow, how did I live without this?

As it's an instant download, it's perfect for that last minute gift (no waiting for postage).

Learn more here.

I hope these ideas help you with finding a gift for the person with Celiac Disease in your life. Head to their websites and Instagram accounts and be sure to support some really great Australian businesses.

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