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DIY Foaming Hand Wash

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

I love foaming hand wash as it goes a really long way and just lasts and lasts. When I first bought foaming hand wash, I had no idea that it was so easy to make myself.

Since finding out how quick and easy it is to make, I've been really keen to make it for ages. But of course I have had to be patient and wait til my dispensers ran out.

Once you try this, you will never need to buy foaming hand wash ever again.

This is great for lowering your waste and saving some dollars.

I have a big bottle of Dr. Bronners Castile Soap which I used for this recipe. You can buy Castile Soap at most health food stores and lots of the eco websites also stock it. It's worth buying as there are soooo many different things you can use it for.

My Olive Oil I purchase from my local health food store and they fill up my own bottle for me.

If you aren't aware of how bad synthetic fragrances are for your health, please do yourself and your families health a favour and watch the documentary "Stink" (Currently on Netflix). You will be disgusted at how many of the products in your home are doing more harm than good. But awareness is the first step to change.

Making your own products from scratch means you get to put in them exactly what you want and know what those ingredients are.

You will need

1 Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser (I just reused one that I'd previously purchased with foaming hand wash in it but you can buy fancier ones too. I just liked the idea of using what I already had).

40 ml Castile Soap

160ml cooled boiled water

2 teaspoons olive oil

Essential Oils of your choice (this is optional. I had Peppermint scented Castile Soap so didn't need to add any oils) I like this Australian Brand. Click Here

To make

Measure out all of your ingredients and add to your dispenser.

Put the lid on and shake

Pump and enjoy.

This post contains affiliate links.  Which just means if you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a small percentage of the sale – without your price being any higher!  This helps me keep the content on my blog free for you.

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