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Sweet Chili and Cream Cheese Dip Platter

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

This incredible dip platter is one of the easiest and most impressive snacks you can serve to guests or take along to get togethers. 

It takes very little prep work and is always a hit. It’s very moorish and I’m always asked for the recipe whenever I make it. 

So here it is. Enjoy! 

You will need

2 x 250g Packages Cream Cheese (or Vegan Cream Cheese to make a Dairy Free version)

1 Cucumber

1 Spanish Onion (red onion) 

1 Bunch Coriander

Bag of Corn Chips 

Sweet Chili Sauce

To Make

Finely dice onion

Cut cucumber into small pieces

Chop coriander 

Spread cream cheese approx 2cm thickness on the middle of a platter 

Sprinkle half the onion and cucumber onto cream cheese

Drizzle desired amount of sweet Chili sauce over the top

Sprinkle over half the coriander 

Surround platter with corn chips

Serve with a knife for ease of serving


Take cream cheese out of fridge a few hours prior to prep for ease of spreading.

Use remaining onion, cucumber and coriander to top up after guests have started eating as there’s always lots of cream cheese and more topping requested. You may also like an extra drizzle of sauce. 

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